Founder's Welcome

It is my honor to welcome you to our 2024 Health Equity & Inclusion Conference - HEIC. Inclusivity in the workplace is something that I have always been passionate about, as everyday I see hard working men and women transform their jobs to a place where all people are not only valued, but empowered to reach their full potential. The medical arena is no stranger to this. Because of this, I’ve decided to launch our Healthcare Equity & Inclusion Conference. The full conference taking place from April 15 and 16. The theme for this conference will be “Diversity First.”

We will bring together prominent members of the healthcare community to recognize inclusivity in the medical field and discuss changes that must take place for the advancement of inclusion in the healthcare system. This three-day event will include presentations, symposiums, panels, training, and networking events focused on diversity in healthcare. The event is welcome to all healthcare practitioners, medical professionals, and students with our goal to raise awareness on the value of diversity and inclusion in the medical world.

I would like to say “THANK YOU” to all of our sponsors, speakers, moderators, and volunteers that took part in this conference. Without you all, none of this would be possible. We sincerely appreciate you and we hope to have a lasting impact on both as we strive for a truly inclusive society.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chairman
Health Equity & Inclusion Conference
[email protected]