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Anti-Racism Workshop

As open and overt racism returns to the forefront of American's minds, it is not simply enough to not support the racist rhetoric and reprehensible actions that are growing in number and frequency. We, as people, must strive to be actively anti-racist rather than passively just not racists ourselves. This course will instruct attendees in how to be an anti-racist and to combat this culture.

Belonging 101

Belonging and the need to belong or be connected with others is recognized as a fundamental human need, drive, and desire akin to food and water. In the workplace, we see that one of the critical factors in Belonging is psychological safety. When people feel that they can participate, learn, and grow in an organization, they become psychologically safe, which leads to a strong feeling of Belongingness. This session introduces participants to the concept of psychological safety in the workplace and how it promotes Belongingness.

CDO Rountable

There’s really no playbook for today’s Chief Diversity Officer. Often, CDOs lack access to their CEO or other executives, and this makes it difficult for them to do their jobs. Many of them have difficulty getting the data they need to pinpoint issues within companies. And even when the executives and the data are available, getting buy-in for initiatives is challenging. Dealing with polarizing and nuanced topics requires an adaptable leadership style and specific skill set. Learn what being a CDO is really like in this session.

  • Discover the specific background, skills, and credentials for becoming a CDO
  • Explore some of the challenges CDOs face in executing their job
  • Learn about the future of work for Chief Diversity Officers and how you can prepare to step into the role
Creating a "Diversity First" Culture

Creating An Allyship Organization

Thoughtful and committed allyship can positively impact organizations, creating an environment that invites greater diversity and inclusion across a range of dimensions. However, fostering allyship requires the ability to identify and assess allyship needs not only in terms of individual and interpersonal practice, but also in terms of organizational culture, composition, and policy. This session presents an overview of allyship that touches on these different levels.

Creating Your Significance - Are You Ready To Be A Brand

DEI Strategy & Planning

DEI White Male Roundtable

Emerging Leaders - Pathway to Success

This session focuses on the importance of emerging leaders. Through the guidance offered by our panelists, young audience members can learn the do’s and don’ts of leadership as well as how they can continue to grow in their industries.

Emerging Leaders - Road Map To Success

This session focuses on the importance of emerging leaders. Through the guidance offered by our panelists, young audience members can learn the do’s and don’ts of leadership as well as how they can continue to grow in their industries.

Empathy 101

Ever wonder how top leaders can simultaneously understand diverse viewpoints, foster emotional awareness, and build cultures of safety and trust? In response, by exercising empathetic leadership. Unapparelled world shifting events have demonstrated the significance of empathetic leadership to organizational success. Leading with empathy can increase innovation, productivity, retention, and employee engagement. A 2021 Forbes article reported 50% of people with empathetic leaders reported their workplace culture and environment was inclusive, compared with only 17% of those with less empathetic leadership (link). In a workforce increasingly conscientious of team cultures and work-life balance, it is crucial for leaders to lean into empathy and embrace the full-person perspective of their teams.

Engaging White Males As True Champions for DEI

ERG Best Practices Roundtable

Organizations who want to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace find that promoting ERGs is one of the best strategies to achieving those goals. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are found to increase employee engagement, especially among historically marginalized groups. They also expand marketplace reach leading to a successful growth strategy. To build an effective and sustainable ERG in your organization, you will need to learn the best practices for doing so. In this session, you will:

  • Discover how to gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Explore steps for creating your ERG
  • Craft a customized plan for creating ERGs in your organization
How To Take Control of Your Career

Imposter Syndrome

Leadership 101

Leading Cultural Change: The Practice of Successful Organizational Transformation

Leading Cultural Change in any organization requires a profound understanding of your workforce, your company, and its goals. It is a systematic process and must be approached strategically. In this session, participants will learn how to lead cultural change by identifying organizational goals, engaging their teams, and gaining buy-in for effective and sustainable change.

Leadership with EQ

Emotional intelligence involves a person’s awareness of his/her/their own emotions. Further, it includes the ability to handle relationships wisely and with empathy. Emotional intelligence is an immense asset for leaders as it allows them to maintain and control their own emotions while calmly addressing the needs of others. This session will discuss how emotional intelligence can enhance leadership.

Leading with Inclusion

Most Powerful & Influential Women Roundtable

People of Color Serving on Corporate Boards

Practicing Self-Care

Race, Racism & Privilege

Smart People Take Smart Risk

Strategies for Securing the Corner Office

We are often led to believe that, with hard work and dedication, we can increase our status within any organization or industry. However in today’s world, what you know may not be the only things you need to advance your career. This session offers attendees with the tools needed to secure the corner office through education, networking, personal branding, and more.

The Art & Practice of Inclusion In The Workplace

Tips for Securing the Corner Office

Transforming Your Workplace Culture

Understanding Your Worth - Negotiating A Raise or Promotion

Why Servant Leadership?